Does Biden suspect?

I have long considered Biden to be hopelessly out of his depth. He is the perfect exemplar of someone who has never quite overcome his Mid-Atlantic Weltanschauung. But I must grudgingly concede that he may be more clever than I thought.

He called last night to wish me well for the debate. Just before he hung up the phone, he mentioned being halfway through Amartya Sen’s collected works and wondering if he had fully absorbed the practical implications. “You know what I mean,” he said.

I ended the phone call hastily and pondered his words for a minute. Had he, or one of his aides, seen me toting my copy of “Collective Choice and Social Welfare”? It has already been a few weeks since I put down my Sen and picked up Friedrich Hayek. Still – was Biden trying to rattle me before the debate? Merde!


2 Responses to “Does Biden suspect?”

  1. Kantai Says:

    You know what the problem with this blog is? Some people might actually take it seriously.

  2. castanea Says:

    Anyone who uses the word “Weltanschauung” should be spanked, on account of the fact that she’s probably a hopeless intellectual.

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