Another broadcast appearance

Another hourlong appearance on Canadian TV. At John’s insistence, it’s on Yukon Public Access Cable Channel 37. God forbid anyone in the American electorate should tune in and see me.

I must say, I rather enjoy the challenge of these bilingual programs, answering the same questions in the second half-hour, but in French. It does allow one to develop one’s responses more fully.

I had certainly hoped to provoke when I asserted that there was far more common ground than one would imagine between the Objectivism of Ayn Rand and the communitarian philosophy espoused by Amitai Etzioni. I explained the possible implications for public policy, but I am not sure my message was grasped. I also hope I did not respond too didactically when the interviewer used the word “geostrategic” in a rather generic way, divesting it of its specific academic context. He is young, though, and has time to learn.


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